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Reflections and contemplations


Drifting like an aimless cloud,
resembling a soft ball of cotton
in the clear, blue sky
in no specific direction
I feel peaceful

Floating like an unmanned raft
concurring with the currents
of an endless, wild sea
no specific thoughts
I feel joyful

Hopping like a beautiful butterfly
from flower to flower
in the garden of love
with no specific reason
I feel cheerful

Walking like a goalless vagabond
who has nothing to achieve
in this lovely, long life,
with no specific purpose
I feel blissful

© Manoj Khatri

Belonging to you

Loving you is difficult
Yet it is also most fulfilling
In ways that I cannot explain
It’s chilling as well as thrilling

Understanding you is challenging
But it is also quite stimulating
Your mysterious ways of expressing
Can’t say if you’re leaving…or waiting

Knowing you is absorbing
And it is also utterly sweeping
I’m blissful when I’m with you
Whether we’re laughing…or weeping

Missing you is painful
and terribly, incredibly agonising
Whenever I am away from you
It’s as if the sun just stops rising

But giving to you is easy
Surrendering my heart and soul
Because finding you, my love,
was my life’s only goal

© Manoj Khatri


As I wander alone in life
Wanting to be needed,
needing to be loved
Willing to belong,
longing to be wanted
I see the yawning black sky,
and its never-ending vastness
Mirroring my heart’s emptiness,
concealing its beat’s fastness,
but revealing my soul’s freeness

The universe seems so pointless
Millions of stars shining
for billions of years together,
making a pretty sight
for us to adore at night
But is that their purpose?
To simply adorn the sky
The yawning, black sky
The endless, vast sky
Is it so pointless?
If yes, I wonder why?
Just as I wonder
about the pointlessness
of my life… and cry

© Manoj Khatri

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My incorrigible heart

Sunset at Powai

It’s dusk, that miraculous time of the day
The sun has set on the other side of the bay
Children are shouting, laughing as they play
Birds are hurrying off to where they stay
Pious individuals are bowing down to pray
Labourers seem happy to receive their pay
The Sky looks like a pink rose bouquet
As if His creation, He has chosen to display
If all is so beautiful, why does it seem grey?

Can someone explain to me the reason why?
Is it because beauty is in the beholder’s eye?
What if the eyes are soggy and not dry?
Does it mean everything that’s seen is a lie?
Do the eyes then simply deceive and defy?
Showing a caterpillar, when it’s a butterfly?

When I asked someone who’s wise and smart
He said, it‘s not the fault of eyes, but of the heart,
which beats irregularly when it’s been torn apart
Behaving like a computer that needs a restart
Distorting images to look like a weather chart

So next time, I see grey at sunset or sunrise
I guess it won’t be such a big surprise
That my heart is the culprit, and not my eyes
It is my incorrigible, stubborn heart that denies
The gifts God sends me through the skies

~© Manoj Khatri~


My friendship is not a favour
Nor is it a fleeting flavour
It is a lifelong promise
An oath of eternal bliss

My fidelity is not coerced
Nor is it an act rehearsed
It is an urge intrinsic
Like truly inspired music

My love is not an obligation
Nor is it a fascination
It is a choice I’ve made
An instinct I obeyed

My dream is not an illusion
Nor is it a conjured delusion
It is a glimpse of the imminent
A preview of the blessed event

~© Manoj Khatri~


The mind’s garden is fertile
As we sow, so shall we reap
A good seed produces a smile
A bad one makes us weep

Resentment leads to anger
Prejudice promotes hatred
Fear is a synonym for danger
Guilt kills before we’re dead

Doubts raise uncertainty
Envy is the root of pain
Blame generates toxicity
Is there anything we gain?

To avoid a harvest of weeds
We must plant noble seeds
Like those of genuine love
Blessed with grace from above

Love dissolves all sadness
Helps us deal with madness
Wipes away all the gloom
Causes the garden to bloom

So what would we rather breed,
A love seed or a hostile weed?

~© Manoj Khatri~


I find myself…

…wondering about life
…striving for truth
…missing God
…struggling to be understood
…different than others
…clueless about time
…naïve and innocent
…living like a child
…ready to die
…in quest of myself

Will I find myself?

~© Manoj Khatri~


Travelling in time,
Can I step into a parallel universe?
Drifting in space,
Can I escape this life of a curse?

Delving deeper,
Can I decode what is THE plan?
Probing further,
Can I measure the distance to span?

Leaving this plane,
Can I fly into the endless sky?
Shunting this soil,
Can I gain the view of a bird’s eye?

Releasing all,
Can I end this existential course?
Liberating me,
Can I unite with the ultimate source?

~© Manoj Khatri~