Praying with you

Praying with you is
like walking
on the morning grass
with the fickle dewdrops
tickling our bare feet
while our souls meet
and smile to greet
each other

Praying with you is
like drifting
on wispy, white clouds
on a sunny day, as we play
like little kids
a little fine, a little fey
And as our game starts
our love engulfs our hearts

Praying with you is
Like dreaming
a magnificent dream
where we scream
in ecstasy
as a rainbow wraps
you and me
in vibrant colours of glee

Praying with you is
Like weaving
a fairy story
that we fill with
God’s goodness and glory
Each memory we create
is a tale of our sweet love
so memorable, so great

© Manoj Khatri

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